Cound Creations - Creations in Stone and Bone

I had the honor to be selected to create the award for the Okanagan Arts Awards! Please click video to check it out!

My antler carving was featured along with several others in the 2014 holiday issue of the prestigious Woodcarving Illustrated Magazine!


** Nominated for 2014 Visual Artist of The Year for the Okanagan Arts Award!!!


**Short listed (top 3) with my award design for the 60th Arts council of the Okanagan (Artsco)** Pics to come...


"Nature's Balance"

This beautiful one of a kind, signed carving, depicts North America's wildlife and it's necessary relationship between carnivore and herbivore.
Included in the piece are; (carnivore)cougar, wolf( with glass eyes), coyote, grizzly bear and cubs, and (herbivore), moose, Whitetail deer and fawn, bighorn sheep, mountain goat, elk and caribou. On the spikes, some of our birds are represented like; eagle, raven, great horned owl, hawk, heron and dove with nesting young. Even a squirrel. Both sides are connected with Canada's mascot, the BEAVER which rests upon a maple leaf.
The carving sits 41/4" above the base and is supported by two 1/2" diameter brushed aluminum rods. The base is a beautiful local 20 pound abstract piece of serpentine stone. With such colors as blue, teal, beige, black and white, it contains all of the colors of North America's earth and water.
Witnessing all in their natural habitat as a locomotive engineer traveling through the Rockies and Fraser Canyon, my love and appreciation has grown for them. Therefore, I have created this "Circle of Life" portrait in honor of everything that we stand to lose.