Cound Creations - Creations in Stone and Bone

Okanagan Arts Awards

I was chosen to design and create the 2015 Okanagan Arts award! My attempt to use local Gypsum stone failed. As I bucked up the 14 awards, they fell apart in my hands proving to be too brittle. Thankfully, my supplier in Vancouver was able to cut 14 white Indian alabaster stone in a hurry. The deadline was nearing. Three days before the ceremony, I was notified that they forgot 2 more categories and I needed to make 2 more. Tough, but doable. Once they were finished, I had the idea that because my inspiration for the design was based on the Okanagan Arts logo that was created in 1967 from Canadian artist Zeljco Kujundzic, I wanted to carve another to honor him. After finding out that he passed in 2003, I managed to contact one of his daughters and invite her to the ceremony and accept it on his behalf! The night was an absolute success!

All 4"x4"x8" 17 awards were carved slightly different. They were painted with acrylic and lacquered. 

This is Kate Enewold, Zeljco's daughter. It was such an honor to recognize and pay tribute to a great Canadian artist. Truly a magical night!

CBC radio host Gillianne Richards