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RCMP charity ball donation.         My donated moose antler carving to the RCMP Charity Ball. All proceeds to go to the United Way.

2014 donation of "Kuruk"

In late 2014, I donated a Brazilian soapstone bear named "KURUK" to the Kamloops wildlife park. They were trying to raise money to help build a new enclosure for "Clover", a kermode bear. The only condition I had was to have a plaque created for exposure and pay tribute to my late father of whom I attribute my talent. 

It's here!

I'm featured as a moose antler carver next June in the prestigious Woodcarving Illustrated Magazine!

Patrick Warburton and I on the set of "Flicka2" I was his stand in and managed to convince production dept. to allow this bear carving of mine into the movie. Patrick ended up purchasing it!

I fabricated horse carved antler necklaces for the cast and crew. Actress Tammin Sursok shows us hers.

Lieut- Gov. Iona Campagnolo was impressed with my work at an 

exhibit I had.

Okanagan Art Award design

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