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2015 Art Tour International, Montagnac France

"Ange de L'espoir" began her journey a contemporary version of a duck. The wing was a clue as to what she would become. As I filed back it's beak, her angelic face emerged. The large breast of the bird transformed into her arms, cradling her winged child. This signifies the eternal, unbreakable bond between mother and child. Even during loss. The Angel of Despair rests upon a shaped cloud of Indian alabaster. The greys in the cloud give contrast and symbolize adversity, but it is overcome by the goodness and hope of the light. A magical moment that I had while sanding her face, was that a dark green tear emerged, running down her left cheek.

I truly feel the energy of the child that I had lost, guided my hands and helped bring her to life!

Lab 6 International art show

Vancouver April 11th 2015. Great interest in my art. Met lots of people and made good contacts.

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