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  Please note that all of blades are purchased world wide.

I simply customize them.

Damascus Ram knife

This Damascus 7" blade has a mule deer antler handle with carved rams and custom nickle guard. It rests upon an actual sheep horn for display.

Ram carved into the end

Damascus eagle knife

Custom moose antler handle Damascus knife. An eagle is carved into the base w/ glass eye. It is personalized with the name carved into it.

Damascus Anniversary gift

For a dear friend on their 20th anniversary. A 7" blade, purple heart wood handle and ​Celtic raven design and quote  routed into the base. All set into a mule antler for display.

5" Damascus skinner with moose antler carved handle. It rests on a mule deer and moose antler.

Damascus Tanto

7" Damascus Japanese tanto style blade with a moose handle and Kanji character (Ki, energy) carved into it. A tow tone KYDEX sheath accompanies it.

Large 8" Damascus knife

Moose antler handle and camo KYDEX custom sheath.


A Damascus skinner with moose antler handle and carved "bear paw". With a camo KYDEX sheath

Sturgeon white tail stainless skinner and sheath

Eagle carved moose antler knife

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