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A nostalgic collection of images from my travels. From the old Dodge truck and willow tree, to the abandoned cabin. The jumping buck gives the illusion of leaping out of the carving, over the wire fence.

"Ethereal Dancers"

Moose antler/ Maple base. Six months in the making, this piece is laden with hummingbirds and lilies. To create a three dimensional effect, I have fixed two small perched hummingbirds, from elk antler, waiting for an opportunity to feed. This piece took 6 months! 24x12x20

"Stoney Creek Hotshot"

An AC4400 locomotive crosses the Stoney Creek bridge, deep in the Roger's Pass. It hauls it's containers through several tunnels. 

"Hook, Line and sinker"

A fisherman lands the big one. Unfortunately, you can't see actual fishing line from his reel to a fly caught in the fish's mouth.

"The River Ranch"

The River Ranch is a commissioned Moose antler carving of a working ranch near Williams Lake B.C. It is noted for the Clydesdale horses that work the farm that is nestled within hoodoos, plateaus and rivers. I used a heavy gauge wire to represent the supports for the covered wagon and thinner, darker wire for the reins. I feel they provide an added dimension to the piece. It's mounted onto a simple, weathered beam of oak, which probably has a few stories to tell of it's own.

Railway pike crane

Presented to a retired employee who worked this machine for 25 years.

"Pioneer Pass"

Moose antler with small whitetail support spike. A wired fence encases an old country themed carving of an abandoned homestead with a church in the distance. Note the other wired fence alongside the church. 14x10x16.

"Orca Pod"

What's interesting is that I squared the antler frame and used an abstract iceberg to contain the killer whales.

"Bird of prey"

Eagle carved moose antler. The interesting base is serpentine stone. This projects the forward to represent flight. 


Moose antler carving of a rearing horse. Here is a close up of the saddle carved into the base.

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