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100 year old ironing board

The HILL family farm

This commissioned piece is not only my first attempt at carving wood, it happened to be a 100 year old ironing board! I couldn't just go to the nearest WalMart to replace it.

Emotional gift!

I had an old picture of a farm as reference. The buildings and pastures were carved and an aluminum stencil was created for the letters to be burned. I wanted the feel to be that of an old crate or stamp. Burning also provided depth, shading and detail. I was told that the recipient's spiritual animal was a mule deer, so I thought that would personalize it more so.

Cedar burl wedding book

burl wedding guest book incorporating the bride and groom's favorite animal. I had both face each other to represent their love for one another and placed a cabin (home) in the background. It has now been signed by all guests and finished with Poly.

Memorial Plaque

Sadly, we lost 3 workers in a railway tragedy. I felt compelled to create something in remembrance.

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