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 Wildlife is a favorite theme of mine. My 20 as a locomotive engineer, through Natures backyard, has given me inspiration and a deep appreciation of wildlife. From Yoho and parks to the Nicola valley and Fraser Canyon, I have witnessed Moose, black and grizzly bear, elk, deer, bobcat, lynx, bighorn sheep, mountain goat, beaver, otter, coyote, eagles and wolf in their natural .

Recently, my antler carvings are expanding to include carvings of " moments in time". A combination of pictures of everyday life and the beauty they possess. As well, small trinkets like necklaces, bracelets, crib boards, pick holders, key chains and small knickknacks. As well, I am actual bear, coyote, lynx and wolf skulls too. Rest assured, that all antlers and skulls are bought or given to me legitimately.

I am available to produce designed antler or soapstone carvings on any for any occasion. Whether for a grand lobby or on your home's mantle, they make excellent . I am limited by your imagination. Don't forget birthdays, Christmas, etc...

Please keep in mind that each of art is one of a kind, unless instructed to do so. All stone carvings are done with chisels, rasps, rifler files and keyhole saws. The smaller are with a rotary tool as is with all of the antler. are enjoying my in private, public and corporate collections. Satisfied costumers have my worldwide.

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